Learning our colours

I had a whole bunch of balls that the kids just threw around the daycare.. We needed a purpose for them, so I made colour tubes! I went to the hardware store and picked up these bends I think for plumbing and strapped them to the wall in our discovery area. I then painted them colours to match the balls and placed a container underneath to catch them. It works amazingly! The kids love it! And so do i … no more balls being thrown around.


6 thoughts on “Learning our colours

  1. Great idea. I want to replicate it, but I have no idea how I would strap down the tubes. How did you do it?

  2. I’m not sure what you call it. I picked it up from the hardware store. it is metal with holes in it to put the screws through, it comes in a roll. If you ask a hardware store they will help you just explain what you want to use it for. At first I thought it may not be safe but it was completely fine one it was installed. If you run your hand over the edges it is smooth. gosh I wish I could remember the name of it hahahaha sorry!!

    • In CA we call it “water heater straps” or bracing. Bc everything needs to be strapped down in case of earthquakes.

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