I am not sure what the wooden box was originally used for but it works wonderfully with marbles!
This keeps the kids busy for a long time.
The younger ones place the marbles in the slots while the older ones take time to sort by size or colour.

All done on their own, I just set it up and watch how they play.
I do have younger ones here at my daycare and marbles can be very dangerous (choking hazard ) so this activity is supervised.



The lid was fun too.

Learning our colours

I had a whole bunch of balls that the kids just threw around the daycare.. We needed a purpose for them, so I made colour tubes! I went to the hardware store and picked up these bends I think for plumbing and strapped them to the wall in our discovery area. I then painted them colours to match the balls and placed a container underneath to catch them. It works amazingly! The kids love it! And so do i … no more balls being thrown around.


sewing with the kids

  Well … I boke out the sewing machine this week and did some simple projects with the kids.

Our first project was bean bags!

  The kids helped by filling the bags with different  types of beans / lentils / chick peas … each bag had a different feel to it.  We also used different types of fabrics .


Tooth Fairy Boxes

  Something fun and easy that the kids seem to enjoy is making tooth fairy boxes.

I bought a few small wooden boxes and gave the kids some markers to colour them.

Then they glued stars and hearts onto their boxes.

They took them home and are waiting to use them when they lose their next tooth.