Shape houses

    A great way to help grow cutting skills and spacial recognition as well as awareness of shapes is to give the children different colours and textures of wall paper or scrap-book paper and encourage them to use shapes such as triangles and squares to make a picture of a house.

  Of course you can’t forget embellishments such as buttons.

Curler Structures

    I kept these curlers so that I we could use them for painting. They make great round stamps.

Yesterday as I was cleaning my craft cupboard once again,  the kids pulled out the curlers and started to make structures with them.

I love it when they just get creative!


 The curlers actually connect quite well. I am thinking on buying some more and filling up a small bucket so the kids can use them in our block center.

farm buildings

  When you are talking about buildings you can’t forget a barn!  That is a very important building for farm animals!

We made our farm pictures by finger painting the sky and grass with jello powder and water, then we sponge painted on our barn…



   Oh you can’t forget the sheep!

Screwing soap


  Yes I said screwing soap …. The kids had fun taking turns using a “big persons” screw driver and were screwing screws into bars of soap.

This activity was a huge hit!

It is great for encouraging fine motor skills in three and four year olds.

Hammering Golf Tees


   This activity promotes good hand eye co-ordination.  The kids enjoyed hammering golf tees into an old styrofoam cooler I kept  that was left over from summer.

As the kids bang-bang-bang on the tees they get a real sense of accomplishment because the golf tees are just the right size to hit and they go in to the styrofoam quite nicely.  You need a bit of force but not much.

Once they use all the tees they pull them out and start over again.

Building paintings …done by the kids

   Here is how great the paintings turned out!  These are 3 and 4 years olds… I showed them how to do it, and gave them pictures to look at… and away they went!

It would have been to hard for them to paint the people and the vehicles so I gave them stickers… It gave the picture a great finishing touch.