Easy Christmas craft for toddlers


Super easy craft to do with preschoolers!

I had premade strips of colourful paper ready and some triangles cut out of cardboard.

The children covered the triangles with glue, then they laid the strips of paper across the triangle.

They had fun looking at the different lengths of paper


Once dry I trimmed the excess paper away, taped a Popsicle stick to the bottom and stuck them into egg cartons that were covered with tinfoil.


Here are our trees don’t they look beautiful!


Spin Art

Using a salad spinner makes very interesting designs.  This activity also encourages co-ordination, fine and large muscle development,

012  I cut the circles just the right size to fit the bottom of the spinner,


then we dropped tiny bits of watered down paint onto the paper, shut the lid and spun.


Self portraits

Making self portraits and learning our shapes at the same time .
circles,rectangles,semi circles,hearts…
the children made a picture of themselves using shapes and their favorite colours..
The end result was adorable!



Like I said ADORABLE 🙂

Painting with Preschoolers

Sometimes trying to find new and different ways to make painting exciting can be a bit challenging. One of our favorite ways to paint is to cover the easel with tinfoil. This time I added some gold glitter and cornstarch to the paint.


If I had planned it better I would have made a trip first to the dollar store and picked up some snowflake stickers to add to our paintings after they dried.


Side Walk Paint


Now that the warmer weather is here and we can see the sidewalks ( the snow is gone !! ) we decided to paint them up nice. I made side walk paint by mixing cornstarch, water, and food colouring.


the colours were nice and bright and when it dried it had such a neat texture!


We thought the tree would like so colour as well …


Spring wreath


Super easy and fun, the kids and I painted egg cartons then glued them to a wreath cut out of poster board.
We then glued a button into the center of each and made bright green leaves out fun foam and stuck them in the empty places.


super cute – super fun!

our tree wall


It’s kind of like that story if you give a mouse a cookie…. you know the one right?
Well, I had the kids make owls a few weeks back, but what good is making owls if you don’t have a tree to put them in?
If you are going to make a tree …. you need to make some leaves as well…
hence, our new tree wall!
yep I painted the wall !
I think it makes a great new way to talk about the seasons.