Playing grocery store


I was given a tv entertainment center a little while back, my first thought was to make another kitchen but instead it morphed into a grocery store !
We love it… I think we will keep it this way for awhile then who knows?!?


Princess dress made from old curtains and table- cloth!!

 OK … so this is way to cute!  I just love having the older kids for the summer !  While the younger ones were sleeping today we broke into my fabrics and found an old table-cloth and an old curtain… yep that’s what we used and a bit of scrap material to make flowers and to go around the neckline… It took us about an hour and does it ever look great!!

Help! I’ve got the sewing bug!!!

  Ok so I don’t know if it was pintrest or youtube but I was looking at all kinds of ideas last night on how to sew… and I saw really cute fairy outfits… I went to the dollar store and spent 17 dollars and I have enough to make another one … super easy and fun it took about an hour to make it all.

     It just turned out so gosh darn CUTE!!