Telling Stories to Young Children


So today I decided that I would start to “tell” our story of the day instead of reading it to them.
I was inspired to give it a try after doing some research into Waldorf early childhood teaching techniques.
I found this story from this blog…

I changed it a bit and made it our own. I scrounged around the daycare to find all that we needed. I even cut a few small sprigs of a juniper bush to add to the forest in the story. It smelled wonderful!

After telling the story, the children took turns making up their own Autumn Stories.

Here is one of our Giggle Patchers sharing her story just for you ūüôā

our tree wall


It’s kind of like that story if you give a mouse a cookie…. you know the one right?
Well, I had the kids make owls a few weeks back, but what good is making owls if you don’t have a tree to put them in?
If you are going to make a tree …. you need to make some leaves as well…
hence, our new tree wall!
yep I painted the wall !
I think it makes a great new way to talk about the seasons.

Easy Autumn Activity for Toddlers

  Here is an easy Autumn activity for toddlers.  Gluing paper muffin cups to wall paper samples.  I was given some muffin papers with fall leaves on them so we decided to make some nice pictures to hang up and decorate our board for autumn.

Great work Kids!!

Paper plate wreaths

  Very simple easy Autumn craft that everyone seems to do every year, but how can you not?? paper plate wreaths.  I found really pretty ones at the dollar store and I had some leaf stickers so the toddlers decorated the wreaths today and we hung them up to make our room look pretty.

pom pom sorter toy


This toy has had more play then my store-bought toys! Even the older ones I catch playing with it.

I took a large plastic container and modge¬†podged¬†some fall coloured tissue paper to the outside.¬† Then I cut holes in the lids… different sizes.¬† Then I filled the container with different sizes of pom poms all fall colours.

The kids have fun pushing the pom poms¬†through the holes… then opening it up and dumping¬†them everywhere and then doing it all over again.

Our Friendship Quilt

  I gave the kids all kinds of interesting things to glue to different colour blocks of felt.

The idea was to make quilt squares.

When the squares were finished I hot glued them together and in the center I put a poem.

The end result was beautiful!





Fall Sensory Exploration Cups


¬† I found this idea on the teach preschool blog.¬† We had fun making these sensory cups.¬† The kids shake¬†them, stack them, line them up… everyone has their favourite one.



We used clear plastic cups, not the hard plastic or the will break.  We taped to the outside of a cup our fall fake leaves.  Then we put just a little bit of lentils or beans or glitter and coloured gravel in the bottom of another cup.  We then put the decorated cup inside the other cup and taped the cups together around the rim.  I used red duc tape.

  Instead of taping leaves to the inside cup you can also have the kids paint the cups.