A Basket of Socks

    Do you want an activity that is great for gross motor, and creativity, math skills… and is  just plain fun???

Bring out a big laundry basket full of socks!  We matched them, we folded them, threw them,  we tried to put them on ourselves and on each other.

Oh and don’t forget the basket! You have to climb into the basket!


News Paper Feet

   A while back we had a hands and feet week.  While the kids were napping I got busy  and cut lots and lots for foot prints out of newspaper and taped them all around the playroom  floor.

When they woke up they had fun following the foot prints to the snack table.

We also played musical feet. I played the piano and when I stopped the kids had to freeze. I then sped up my playing which automatically made the kids walk faster .. then I slowed it all down and they thankfully slowed down too hahaha.

Painted hands and feet


  One of the fun things that I look forward to when doing the hands and feet theme is the painted foot prints.  This time I took three different colours and squirted them in a basin it made the prints look tye dyed.  It was a very cool effect!






   I also did the painted and prints differently by painting stripes on their hands instead of just dipping their hands in paint.  We called them rainbow hand prints.