Our pretty sparkly thingamajig


I think this would be a great afternoon project for any school age child to make on their own, or like what I did, you can have the younger ones help string the glass beads onto the copper wire.

Not exactly sure what you would call it other than a beautiful work of art!

We used : sticks, copper wire, glass beads, and napkin rings.

I’m sure that anything that you find in your junk drawer would make an amazing eye catching work of art.


Playing grocery store


I was given a tv entertainment center a little while back, my first thought was to make another kitchen but instead it morphed into a grocery store !
We love it… I think we will keep it this way for awhile then who knows?!?


Princess dress made from old curtains and table- cloth!!

 OK … so this is way to cute!  I just love having the older kids for the summer !  While the younger ones were sleeping today we broke into my fabrics and found an old table-cloth and an old curtain… yep that’s what we used and a bit of scrap material to make flowers and to go around the neckline… It took us about an hour and does it ever look great!!

sewing with the kids

  Well … I boke out the sewing machine this week and did some simple projects with the kids.

Our first project was bean bags!

  The kids helped by filling the bags with different  types of beans / lentils / chick peas … each bag had a different feel to it.  We also used different types of fabrics .


Tall Painting and then some

  Here is our art display hanging over our flannel board.  We made tall paintings!  Very very fun and easy to do.

  First we placed a container onto a canvas and poured paint one colour at a time over the top of the container and we watched as the colours slowly slid down the sides and onto the canvas making real cool designs.

 We then let them dry overnight.  The next morning I took the containers off the canvases .  A perfect circle was left in the middle of the paintings.

  We then choose colours and painted inside the circles and then we painted the rest of the canvas as well.

Here are some of our masterpieces …


School Age Crafts

    Melted crayon art.

We hot glued crayons onto canvas and pointed a big old hair dryer at them and watched them melt.

We had to quickly turn the canvas this way and that so the crayons would run in the direction that we wanted them to.


Another fun thing we did was make snow flakes but this time we used scrapbook paper to make our flakes. 


 We then stuck them onto contact paper and then put them on our windows.

They turned out really pretty!    


Sequin Christmas Ornaments

 These ornaments are my fav!

This is a perfect craft for school agers.  We took a styrofoam ball and some straight pins and sequins and started the sticking…

We pinned the sequins all over the ball until it was completely covered then we pinned ribbon on the top to hang it on our tree.

They are so pretty and sparkley with the lights!