Just cuz it’s fun!

  We just had to make our pom pom people magnets! cute!

Then we got a bit more creative…

I gave the kids one of our home-made magnet sticks and let them stick them into my junk drawer and then we pulled it out to see if anything stuck to our magnet.


This is what we found.

  We then lined a tin box with tin foil and used our magnet stick with all our bits we found and painted a picture.

 And we did all this just cuz it was fun!

Foam Magnets

   Fridge Magnets!

I found a great little kit from the dollar store. It had 50 foam people and different clothes, hair, accessories too! It kept one of the three-year olds busy here for over an hour! When she was all done, I stuck magnetic tape on the back of each one she made.

The younger kids wanted to join in too.  They stuck stickers onto juice can lids and I made them into magnets as well.





 My school ager made the “love” out of magnet foam paper.

Here are the two-year olds people … they might get a little chilly now that the cold weather is coming LOL


Sorting tin cans

     Simple, inexpensive and fun!  We are playing with magnets this week. Lots and lots of magnets.

I took some tin cans that have smooth edges around the top and taped  labels onto the tin cans. One red , one blue.  The kids have fun sorting through the bin of magnets trying to find all the blue and red magnets to stick to the cans.

Fun with magnets

  Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be exploring magnets!  I have been saving tin cans just for this…

I had the older kids cut out mouths, eyes and noses and I hot glued magnets to the back.  The kids have fun making funny faces with the cans and the magnets.

I also hot glued some round magnets onto the ends of some popsicle sticks.. it makes for some interesting structures.

One other thing that I did to set up this magnet station was to hang some metal baking pans on the wall and fill a large plastic bin full of magnetic letters.