The days are getting shorter

Because the days are getting shorter I thought it would be fun to talk about night time, and today we made night lights … the kids are very excited to take them home and use them tonight.
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I mixed glue and water with some gold paint and glitter. The kids used a paint brush and covered the jar. Some of the kids wanted to stick tissue paper on their jars. I used tiny battery operated tea lights inside the jars that I found at the local dollar store which cost 2 for a dollar.

Twinkle Stars


   You’ve gotta use the glitter!   Sparklely stars…one of the most fun crafts to do for this theme.

Although the glitter is everywhere for a looOOOOoong time.

It sure is pretty =-)

  Foam stars can be bought just about anywhere craft supplies are sold.  We just covered them with the glue then shook on the glitter!

What’s your Fav? Day? or Night?

   Kids love to talk about what they like and dislike.  We made a chart to graph how many of us like day time and how many of us like night time, or both.

We are using glow in the dark star stickers to mark of which answer we choose.

There is even a place for the parents to get involved.

The parents have a places to mark off which they like the best too!

Cardboard box light up Houses

   This week we are talking about night and day.

Our first project was making houses out of cardboard boxes.  We then made windows and taped a picture of ourselves inside the house.

When we shine a flash light  into our house  and it lights up the window and we can see ourselves in our little home  =-)

  First we wrapped the box like a christmas present but we left the top open.  Then we turned it upside down and we coloured our houses.

    Then we made grass and a roof and a door out of construction paper and taped it on our box.  The kids drew where they would like the windows and I cut them out for them.

 We then taped a picture of ourselves inside our homes and shone a light inside to see our happy faces.

 This is a great way to discuss night and day.  When it is night time we turn on a light and we can see inside our homes.