Sticky patch quilt


  I was able to show the kids a crazy quilt that I made quite a few years ago.  We looked at the different types of material and all the different shapes that were sewn together.

We then made our own crazy quilt and hung it on the big patio door to let the sun shine through it.

I covered a table with contact paper (sticky side up) then the kids took tissue paper and toar it into different shapes and sizes and stuck it to the sticky paper.

When it was all done it looked awesome!

Our Friendship Quilt

  I gave the kids all kinds of interesting things to glue to different colour blocks of felt.

The idea was to make quilt squares.

When the squares were finished I hot glued them together and in the center I put a poem.

The end result was beautiful!





Pocket Quilt

 I found this quilt years ago.  It is a tiny lap quilt made out of jean pockets.

I like to use it as a table covering and put interesting things in the pockets for the kids to explore.  It coud also be hung on a wall.

Preschool Quilt Activities


   The quilt theme is great for teaching math concepts.

I taped out a piece of bristol board with red tape and the kids coloured in the squares rectangles and triangles to make our quilt picture.


  Another activity for the quilt theme is to provide laminated triangles for a felt board and let the kids make quilt blocks. 

Watch and see if they mix up the paterns or if they put the same colours together.