Easy Autumn Activity for Toddlers

  Here is an easy Autumn activity for toddlers.  Gluing paper muffin cups to wall paper samples.  I was given some muffin papers with fall leaves on them so we decided to make some nice pictures to hang up and decorate our board for autumn.

Great work Kids!!

Shape of the month – Circle

   This months shape is a circle.

Today we made circle prints by using toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to stamp shapes onto our paper.


  We also made circle collages using wallpaper scraps .

   Gluing cheerios was good in theory but when it came down to actually doing itthe younger ones ate them and glued none. hahaha


Shape Walk

   We first traced the shapes with different things that we found around the playroom, like a book and a bowl.

Then the kids coloured in the shapes with some nice bright coloured pastels.




  We then went on a shape walk and found different things that we could glue to our picture that matched our shapes.