Spring wreath


Super easy and fun, the kids and I painted egg cartons then glued them to a wreath cut out of poster board.
We then glued a button into the center of each and made bright green leaves out fun foam and stuck them in the empty places.


super cute – super fun!

Flower pot musical wind chimes

 We just finished our musical wind chimes today.  I was going to hang them up inside so that they last longer but they look so nice outside hanging on our tree by the play yard.  

The kids like to play them when they leave to go home.  It helps alot  with the transition of leaving daycare.

The kids worked really hard painting them and then putting stickers all over them.


The cutest thing ever!

    Oh my Gosh!   This is the cutest thing and super easy!  I made these footprint robins this morning with the kids. What a neat keepsake for their parents.


                     I found fun this idea on this blog.



More rainbows in our daycare!

  We had rainbows on the ceiling! We put a cd in the window and let the sun hit it … amazing!! At least we thought it was haha

    This was a very simple craft for the toddlers, I cut a paper plate in half and painted glue all over it to make it good and sticky.  Then I gave the little guys lots and lots of cotton balls to stick on their plates.  When it was dry I taped ribbons onto the back and hung it in our entrance way. Very pretty!


Painting to sounds

   Today we painted to the sound of rain and thunderstorms!  I popped in a cd of nature sounds and away we painted.  The children painted with blue,white, and black to make rain clouds.

   We made a rainbow in our playroom out of sheets of construction paper, I used green painters tape so that I could easily take down the paper and reuse.

   Here’s our rainbow with our clouds … I think we may make some rain drops too.

Snow outside but rainbows inside

   It may be snowy and freezing rain outside … but inside we see rainbows!  We hung rainbow streamers in our windows and we even became rainbows ourselves just take a look!

     we made rainbow blob paintings and we made rainbow prints!