Sensory Bins

I have been having alot of fun coming up with different ideas for our sensory bins.

Here are a few ideas that the kids really enjoyed

 Fake flower petals and card board tubes.







  Water , sea shells, and stones.






Water beads and measuring cups.







  Spanish Moss, textured balls, pine cones and dinosaurs.

Tall Painting and then some

  Here is our art display hanging over our flannel board.  We made tall paintings!  Very very fun and easy to do.

  First we placed a container onto a canvas and poured paint one colour at a time over the top of the container and we watched as the colours slowly slid down the sides and onto the canvas making real cool designs.

 We then let them dry overnight.  The next morning I took the containers off the canvases .  A perfect circle was left in the middle of the paintings.

  We then choose colours and painted inside the circles and then we painted the rest of the canvas as well.

Here are some of our masterpieces …


Soap Flake Painting


   Today was Soap Flake Painting!

I used Ivory soap and a cheese grater hahaha well it worked..

First we coloured all over our canvas with blue oil pastels.

Then we painted with a scrub brush sparkley blue and white paint. We drizzled glue all over our canvas then we   sprinkled our soap flakes  all over the paint.  Then we couldn’t resist so we took our fingers and kind of smooshed it all over the place.

Here is our end result.

   We then started to try different things like mixing the soap into the paint. It was very clumpy but fun to use.  

Then we did some blob painting… we just dumped everything on the one side of the paper and folded it in half and squished it all together.     

Wow !!  My playroom now smells amazing!   

Exploring Textures

  Textures! That is the theme for the next couple weeks.

What a great time of year to discover all the different textures around us.

Today we made a texture board.

I went on a search with the kids to find all different kinds of textures around the house.  Some we could glue to our big piece of cardboard.  Some we could not.

We found just enough to cover every square inch of our  big cardboard square.

  Although I hot glued everything on really well there are many small pieces.  The kids here at the daycare are pretty good at not putting things in mouths or ears or noses…. but it really does need constant supervision just incase.