When talking to young children

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Always watch your words… and make sure your actions and words fit your facial expressions. Keep it positive and real. Talk to children with respect always!

When the tree goes bye bye


I know this is early but reading this may help some parents out there… it is better to be prepared …. and start saving the toilet paper rolls!

When the Christmas excitement is over and the kids are happily playing with all their new toys, the first thing on mom’s list is usually to start cleaning up all the Christmas decorations.  It’s time to pack away all the pretty glittery things until next year. 

If you are blessed like I am with a child who does not do well with change, this neat idea may help with taking away a live Christmas tree without causing major heart  break  for your youngster.

We started  a yearly tradition of making bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and some string.

My one little guy had such a big heart, he loved our Christmas trees and cried when we took them outside, but if we were giving a home to little birds it was ok…

So,  after we took our tree outside into the back yard, we would go to our kitchen table and make feeders by covering toilet paper rolls with peanut butter then rolling them in birdseed and tying a string to them so we could hang them on our tree.

It just seemed to make everything alright.

You Forgot God!

I can remember years ago when my children were just in kindergarten and I like a good mom would go in and help out for the day.  It was right when the school system was starting to take the Lords prayer out of the schools.  The school that my kids were going to still were praying, but,  it was shaky ground.  Any complaints at all and it would have been done and gone.  The kindergarten teacher at that time taught my kids a real neat song that they sang every day before they had lunch.  After hearing it for three school years in a row… It was embedded into my brain.  Soooo, naturally when I started up my daycare I thought to myself what a great opportunity to start using that old song once again.  

The kids picked up on it right away.  They belted it out , their thank-you to God.  It was a great thing.  Then the other children came…. the ones who don’t go to church, who don’t know about God, whose parents don’t believe in God.

So it began… The questions began to turn around and around in my head.  Do we continue to sing our thank you song?  Will it cause a problem?  Should I alter it a bit so that it doesn’t offend?

I thought about it ( not praying, but thinking )  and reasoned that we could still sing it… I don’t think I could get away with out singing it, the kids wouldn’t let me.  I thought that maybe I will just leave out God… and we can sing the whole song with out the word God…He was only mentioned once and the song would work perfectly .

So I tried it.

The table was set, the kids were ready and we began to sing clapping our hands .. we sang the whole song and at the end one of the kids belted out loudly YOU FORGOT GOD!

I quickly gave my answer that I NEVER forget God EVER it’s just that everyone here doesn’t believe in God so we sing our thankyou song now a bit differently that’s all.

Next day ……. Lunchtime came and we sang it again  but this time two kids grinning ear to ear belted out YOU FORGOT GOD!

I walked away this time a bit ashamed…

The next day we sang at lunchtime again and I purposely with a silly face belted our the word GOD in the song and the kids laughed and laughed… He was back.

Not only that, but the other child that knew nothing about God began to ask questions… which were answered quite well by my school ager that just came back from bible camp last week.

I love the faith of children =-)