A new use for our light box


Last year I made a small light box using a plastic storage container and a few other things I had laying around the house.
I dug it out this week and we decided to use it as a painting surface.
We painted on news papers.


Then we cut them into heart shapes to decorate our kitchen!

More Valentines Day Activities


   Pink and purple play dough is always a big hit.  It’s there underneath all the feathers and stuff.  Heart shaped cookie cutters were added to our creative area but nothing beats glitter and feathers.





 Another fun activity is matching hearts.  I made many hearts out of wallpaper samples and I cut them in half,  I then glued one half down to a coloured piece of paper and let the children match the heart shapes and glue them onto the correct paper.

   It made for a very pretty bulletin board display!



  Another fun craft was a tissue paper heart collage.  I cut out the shapes for the younger ones and I put a tiny bit of paint in some watered down glue and they painted their tissue paper hearts onto the large card stock paper.

Simple things ~ Valentines Day



   We are going on a red hunt =-)

Can you find something in the playroom that is red?




   Decorating heart shaped cookies to give to our friends and family is a great way to say I love you =-)

Our Love Bouquet

I sometimes find it difficult to find special craft projects for the younger children to make.  This was mae from the children’s paintings.  It hangs on our playroom wall.. It’s our bouquet of love =-)

I got this idea from this blog here … http://www.toddlerapproved.com/2010/01/bouquet-of-love.html

They have lots of ideas for the younger children.

Although I had fun putting together our finished masterpiece the toddlers had fun painting.

   I let then use pink, purple and red,  it made for very pretty hearts.