A new way to use our sensory bin


Here is another way that we have used our sensory bins.
Placed in the kitchen , the children now have a place where they can wash and dry their snack dishes.
This has been a real big hit with the kids!
Also, setting up a small cabinet so it is possible to put away the the dishes is just a nice completion of the new fun task.


Outdoor Splatter/Spray Paint Mural

It is a beautiful day today!  Not many like these… SOOOooooOOOoo we needed to get outside.

I hung a white bed sheet on the fence and filled up spray bottles with watered down paint… then I filled up a couple paint pots, found some pot scrubbers in the bottom of the craft cupboard as well as some glitter paint… hmmm this is gonna be fun!


tie dye paper towels

It is sooo much fun to dip paper towels into watered down paint and then see what awesome designs appear!

First we watered down the paint. 

Then we folded up our paper towel

 and dipped it into all the colours. 

We carefully unfolded the towel

 and hung them out to dry.

When they were all dry

we hung them up  in our play room.