Spin Art

Using a salad spinner makes very interesting designs.  This activity also encourages co-ordination, fine and large muscle development,

012  I cut the circles just the right size to fit the bottom of the spinner,


then we dropped tiny bits of watered down paint onto the paper, shut the lid and spun.


Painting with Preschoolers

Sometimes trying to find new and different ways to make painting exciting can be a bit challenging. One of our favorite ways to paint is to cover the easel with tinfoil. This time I added some gold glitter and cornstarch to the paint.


If I had planned it better I would have made a trip first to the dollar store and picked up some snowflake stickers to add to our paintings after they dried.


Art for the food bank

For a few years now I have had an idea rolling around in my head … So I thought I would give it a try.
The kids here at the Giggle Patch are creating paintings to sell as a fundraiser to raise money for our local food bank.

The upcycle / artisan store that I work for part time are displaying them for us.
So far we have made over $50.00 !

Here is our brag link …
check it out !


Crowns for the Princesses

     We can’t forget making crowns!

     I found the prettiest the and blue plastic gems to make our crowns with at the local dollar store.






I measured around the kids heads with construction paper and then we covered the paper with tin foil.

We then made the top part of the crowns with a yellowish coloured construction paper, cutting out the jagged points.  We taped it all together and then glued on our pretty sparkles.


     Pretty crown for a pretty princess!