Easy Christmas craft for toddlers


Super easy craft to do with preschoolers!

I had premade strips of colourful paper ready and some triangles cut out of cardboard.

The children covered the triangles with glue, then they laid the strips of paper across the triangle.

They had fun looking at the different lengths of paper


Once dry I trimmed the excess paper away, taped a Popsicle stick to the bottom and stuck them into egg cartons that were covered with tinfoil.


Here are our trees don’t they look beautiful!


Dream catchers


Lately I have been admiring all the dream catchers on pinterest. This morning I scrounged through the craft cupboard and found a few things that I could use to attempt to make one. As I sat there trying my best to weave the string one of the kids asked if I was making a spider web. I explained what I was making and the kids watched as I attached the feathers.

Then the kids gave it a try.


I cut out the center of some paper plates I had and punched holes around the edges. I also did a couple of strings for them just to get them started.


this was a great exercise in strengthening fine motor skills


The days are getting shorter

Because the days are getting shorter I thought it would be fun to talk about night time, and today we made night lights … the kids are very excited to take them home and use them tonight.
1384277_582957295074140_190244063_n (1)

I mixed glue and water with some gold paint and glitter. The kids used a paint brush and covered the jar. Some of the kids wanted to stick tissue paper on their jars. I used tiny battery operated tea lights inside the jars that I found at the local dollar store which cost 2 for a dollar.

Ice Cream Day ~ Learning Colors

   I saw this great idea for puffy ice cream from this website…


They show step by step instructions on how to do this with the kids.

We had a blast!




   Of course we had to have some real ice cream too!

When the tree goes bye bye


I know this is early but reading this may help some parents out there… it is better to be prepared …. and start saving the toilet paper rolls!

When the Christmas excitement is over and the kids are happily playing with all their new toys, the first thing on mom’s list is usually to start cleaning up all the Christmas decorations.  It’s time to pack away all the pretty glittery things until next year. 

If you are blessed like I am with a child who does not do well with change, this neat idea may help with taking away a live Christmas tree without causing major heart  break  for your youngster.

We started  a yearly tradition of making bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and some string.

My one little guy had such a big heart, he loved our Christmas trees and cried when we took them outside, but if we were giving a home to little birds it was ok…

So,  after we took our tree outside into the back yard, we would go to our kitchen table and make feeders by covering toilet paper rolls with peanut butter then rolling them in birdseed and tying a string to them so we could hang them on our tree.

It just seemed to make everything alright.

Sequin Christmas Ornaments

 These ornaments are my fav!

This is a perfect craft for school agers.  We took a styrofoam ball and some straight pins and sequins and started the sticking…

We pinned the sequins all over the ball until it was completely covered then we pinned ribbon on the top to hang it on our tree.

They are so pretty and sparkley with the lights!

Kids making Christmas Wreaths

 We made a few different Christmas wreaths this year.

The first one we made was a green paper plate with the center cut out and we glued  pom poms  and sequins around the edges.  We finished it off with a Christmas bow.

  The next wreath we made was a toilet paper roll wreath.

The kids painted the rolls green and then helped me string them onto a clothes hanger that was already shaped into a circle.  We then glued flowers on it and of course put on a big red Christmas bow.

  This one is my favourite.  It is made out of white garbage bags that are cut into stripes then tied to a coat hanger that has been reshaped into a circle.

Lots and lots of bags are needed =-)