Our fun video

We had so much fun making this with the kids 🙂

We wanted to share a fun glimpse into our day … so here it is!

When talking to young children

12967315_10209438146409281_6298823968336553683_o (2)

Always watch your words… and make sure your actions and words fit your facial expressions. Keep it positive and real. Talk to children with respect always!

Be Creative!

It’s time for show and tell once again !

This is a real fun upcycle I did using and old night stand.

It now is a wonderful play stove.

Be inspired! Get creating!

Build a snowman and your name


A very cute winter craft is making name snowmen. I made the circles before hand and cut out the rest of the shapes as well. When it was time for the kids to make their snowman they found the correct letters and built their snowman to spell their own name. They also had some fun painting with a scrub brush to make snowflakes on the picture as well.


Although when you have a one year old do this …. It kind of looks like the poor snowman melted hahaha

Self portraits

Making self portraits and learning our shapes at the same time .
circles,rectangles,semi circles,hearts…
the children made a picture of themselves using shapes and their favorite colours..
The end result was adorable!



Like I said ADORABLE 🙂

Painting with Preschoolers

Sometimes trying to find new and different ways to make painting exciting can be a bit challenging. One of our favorite ways to paint is to cover the easel with tinfoil. This time I added some gold glitter and cornstarch to the paint.


If I had planned it better I would have made a trip first to the dollar store and picked up some snowflake stickers to add to our paintings after they dried.


Days of the week cycle

I have been doing some research, some reading here and there, pages, blogs,articles,books. From everything that I have researched I have come to the conclusion that I really love many aspects of different teaching philosophies. I’ve also discovered that the daycare has kind of morphed into a waldorf / montessouri style of play / learning.
Which I find very cool!

I developed this new weekly schedule and the kids love it!


Today was wash day ( Friday )
The kids washed toys, sprayed/washed windows, shelves, mirrors…. and yes they loved it!

Monday is baking day which is a bit challenging as we have one little guy that is allergic to milk.
Tuesday is painting day

Wednesday is story day – this day is so much fun! we tell stories using props instead of reading books.

Thursday is craft day

Friday is wash day – we wash toys and whatever else, then at the end of the day we throw all bedding pillows stuffies … in the wash 🙂