Our fun video

We had so much fun making this with the kids 🙂

We wanted to share a fun glimpse into our day … so here it is!

When talking to young children

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Always watch your words… and make sure your actions and words fit your facial expressions. Keep it positive and real. Talk to children with respect always!

Be Creative!

It’s time for show and tell once again !

This is a real fun upcycle I did using and old night stand.

It now is a wonderful play stove.

Be inspired! Get creating!

Build a snowman and your name


A very cute winter craft is making name snowmen. I made the circles before hand and cut out the rest of the shapes as well. When it was time for the kids to make their snowman they found the correct letters and built their snowman to spell their own name. They also had some fun painting with a scrub brush to make snowflakes on the picture as well.


Although when you have a one year old do this …. It kind of looks like the poor snowman melted hahaha

It’s been awhile

I love this blog! I love sharing what we are doing here at the giggle patch!
Unfortunately, I sometimes tend to neglect my blog …. then I pop on to see how we are doing stats wise and I see we are now at almost 20 000 hits! YAY!!

it made us so happy we just had to dance!


We have been enjoying our warm summer here in Canada!


We have also been taking the art outside.

Being able to eat outside is a treat!!

big chalk drawings EVERYWHERE


Rock Babies


I had found a bunch of small little wooden cradles at a second hand store and I just couldn’t resist buying them for our daycare.
I have been adding little things here and there that would be conversation starters about feelings.
Being as I don’t have time or patience to make cute little dolls. I painted faces on the stones that I had collected for our nature area and tucked them into the cradles. I left them out on the shelf to see what the children would do.
There wasn’t any questioning, even though they were rocks, to the kids they were babies!
It was fun to watch. The babies were happy or sad or tired. The whole experience was very cute.




I am not sure what the wooden box was originally used for but it works wonderfully with marbles!
This keeps the kids busy for a long time.
The younger ones place the marbles in the slots while the older ones take time to sort by size or colour.

All done on their own, I just set it up and watch how they play.
I do have younger ones here at my daycare and marbles can be very dangerous (choking hazard ) so this activity is supervised.



The lid was fun too.