Build a snowman and your name


A very cute winter craft is making name snowmen. I made the circles before hand and cut out the rest of the shapes as well. When it was time for the kids to make their snowman they found the correct letters and built their snowman to spell their own name. They also had some fun painting with a scrub brush to make snowflakes on the picture as well.


Although when you have a one year old do this …. It kind of looks like the poor snowman melted hahaha

Side Walk Paint


Now that the warmer weather is here and we can see the sidewalks ( the snow is gone !! ) we decided to paint them up nice. I made side walk paint by mixing cornstarch, water, and food colouring.


the colours were nice and bright and when it dried it had such a neat texture!


We thought the tree would like so colour as well …


Spring wreath


Super easy and fun, the kids and I painted egg cartons then glued them to a wreath cut out of poster board.
We then glued a button into the center of each and made bright green leaves out fun foam and stuck them in the empty places.


super cute – super fun!




Very simple, much Fun!

Our favourite St Patty’s Day craft this year.

I taped three cylinder wooden blocks together, we then used it as a stamp. We also have one stamp with four blocks… We used that one only once.
It was for good luck 🙂

Bring the outside inside

When it is too cold to go outside, we bring the outside in.

Here the kids are having fun using liquid tempra paint to paint the snow.

This year has been CRAZY cold!! But we are still having fun with a bit of creativity!

our tree wall


It’s kind of like that story if you give a mouse a cookie…. you know the one right?
Well, I had the kids make owls a few weeks back, but what good is making owls if you don’t have a tree to put them in?
If you are going to make a tree …. you need to make some leaves as well…
hence, our new tree wall!
yep I painted the wall !
I think it makes a great new way to talk about the seasons.