Be Creative!

It’s time for show and tell once again !

This is a real fun upcycle I did using and old night stand.

It now is a wonderful play stove.

Be inspired! Get creating!

Playing with gears

I found this kit of gears at a teachers store on the weekend.  I thought it would go really well with our wheels theme this week.  It is rather small, six pieces, but they are really neat!  Each one is magnetic. The kids can take the magnets down and then rearrange them.  This toy teaches how to make the gears function properly by fitting the teeth together to make it spin.  The center one in the picture is battery operated so the whole thing spins by itself. It can go clockwise and counterclockwise.

I think I am going to go back and get another set.  A set runs about $12.00.  I think it is a great educational, and fun toy.