My home daycare model

The giggle patch is an accumulation of years of experience, education, research, as well as trial and error. After over twenty years of experience in the childcare field, a new and very eclectic program has evolved and we are finding happy parents and caregivers and children are the result.

We are all about teaching children respect of self and others, responsibility, creativity, accountability. This is all brought about through play, daily rituals and interactions with others.

An atmosphere of gratefulness and appreciation encourages the children to grow more aware of the goodness around them.

Music and art play a very large part of our program. Math skills, as well as science are naturally enhanced by introducing a child at a young age to art and music. Listening to different rhythms and styles of music, hearing poems read rhythmically, spacial awareness in art and shapes and textures all awake a young child’s senses.


The rhythm of the week gives the children a sense of familiarity and comfort. Our weekly routine goes like this:
Monday: Baking day, promotes co-operation (taking turns), early math skills.

Tuesday: Paint day, which promotes creativity, spacial awareness, science skills (blending colors) sharing/giving, and textures as many different mediums are used.

Wednesday: Story telling day, this is the day where I pull out props and I tell a made up story at our story table. It could be about something that is happening in a child’s life, it could be a fairy tale, and it could also be a poem. After I tell the story each child gets a quiet time to play uninterrupted at the story table to make up their own story using the props.


Thursday: Craft day, this is usually a guided activity at first. The child has a model to follow and attempts with assistance to make a copy of the model. After they have made their attempt at copying the model if they choose the child then gets an opportunity to take all the materials and make creations any way they feel led.


Friday: Wash day, this is the day we pull out the spray bottle of water and the cloths, we dump toys into wash bins and clean them up. All bedding and soft toys are set aside to be washed over the weekend. Tiny brooms and vacuum cleaner are also used.

The Giggle patch also enjoys doing things in the community. In the past we have donated paintings for sale to raise money for the local food bank. Our young artists raised a wonderful $170.00!
We also have learned a Christmas song and sang it on the radio wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. The children enjoyed going to the station and singing in the studio.

The daycare you will find is full of mindful toys that are available for the child’s play, it is playing with a purpose. Not very often will commercial toys be found such as action figures or cartoon characters. We just choose not to have them. In its place we provide gender neutral and non commercial toys that encourage play from the child’s mind not from what they have already seen on television.

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